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All our Reaction vehicle's positions interface with the monitoring software via satellite tracking to get accurate dispatch and stand- off times and locations on every vehicle.

All vehicles are equipped with a 2-way Radio, Satellite Tracking, Medical Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Cell phone & Log book.

Our officers are registered and trained to the highest standards. All Reaction Officers carry firearms to protect their own and our client's lives and property. All Officers are equipped with bullet proof vests, torch, hand cuffs, pepper spray, tazer, GPS with a map and a pocket books.

Our arrest rate is of the highest in the Country and we pride ourselves in our active role in combating crime in our area. Our Neighborhood patrols play a crucial role in our successes at our domestic and commercial clients.

Our Alarm monitoring system receives signals from our clients via Radio, Telephone lines, IP, GPRS and GSM. Our Armed Reaction and Technical vehicles are all monitored 24 hrs a day via 2-way radio and GSM. The Control room is equipped to cater for CCTV monitoring and CCTV alarm verificationl

We make use of all the latest technology to service our clients and believe in walking the extra mile to achieve total customer satisfaction.


The Ratio of our elite force of vehicles are currently one vehicle per 250 clients in the Goldfields area. All our Officers are certified by PSIRA, properly trained and equipped to ensure maximum protection for our clients.


The National Control Room is located in our main building and build to withstand un-authorized intrusion similar to an ATM Vault. The bilding is protected by the latest CCTV & Alarm technology.

Other Services


The Patrols are a pro-active service that is aimed to reduce/stop the crime in your neighbourhood and to increase the quality of life & property value in the Goldfiels.

CCTV Monitoring

We offer 24/7 off site monitoring services on state of the art CCTV systems which is recorded on back up drives for easy access to review.

24Hr Tech Support

Our technical department is available 24/7 for your convenience and our technicians are SAIDSA certified. Our Tech's attend regular training courses to stay updated with technology.